What is a HAR file?
A Hibernate Archive (or HAR for short) is packaged like a normal JAR file, but it has some special properties. It contains a META-INF/jboss-service.xml file which tells JBoss how to initialize Hibernate. Besides starting up a session factory and setting up some other useful features, JBoss also verifies that the database tables are up to date. To do this, JBoss needs the hibernate mappings and their corresponding class files. Those files are included in the HAR.

Vermont and Open Source

Why is maven-har-plugin open source software?
  • Cost - It takes very little effort and doesn't cost the state anything to publish the source code, we use a free service called Source Forge. If we receive source code contributions from outside developers it will actually result in a savings because the contributed code is code that Vermont didn't have to pay developers to write.
  • To be a good Neighbor - Many people use maven, jboss, and hibernate. Sharing the code with others is a nice thing to do because it helps them accomplish their goals while reducing their costs. Additionally, other people could adapt and enhance the code to meet their needs.
  • Education - Vermonters who are studying Java software development could learn by studying our code. Developers of open source software could legally copy and use the code in their projects.
  • Better Software - With more people using our code and more developers looking at our code, bugs would be more easily spotted and fixed.

Are there other State of Vermont or the Vermont Department of Taxes Open Source projects?
The Vermont Department of Taxes maintains locale4j and gateway.

Does the State of Vermont or the Vermont Department of Taxes plan on releasing any other Open Source Software?
At this time there are no specific plans that we know of.